Quality hotels

Carefully Chosen Hotels
When you are on the move, you need a good night’s sleep. So we personally visit and select all our hotels to ensure they meet our standards.

Since there is no internationally agreed system of rating accommodation, this website uses our own star rating system based on each hotel’s facilities, décor, ambience and location.

** basic hotels – comfortable rooms with limited amenities.
*** moderate hotels – well-maintained accommodation, good value for money.
**** superior hotels – good standards, a wider range of facilities and services.
***** deluxe hotels – high standards of service and accommodation, first-class facilities and restaurants.

As a matter of course, all our hotels offer air-conditioning, a restaurant, bar and standard room features (television, phone, bathroom). Any exceptions to this rule are noted in the relevant tour details.

Please bear in mind that the grades we award a hotel are relative to the area in which it is located; 3* accommodation in a national park cannot fairly compare with a 3* city hotel as there are always environmental restrictions on buildings in areas of great natural beauty. In such instances, our grading reflects the overall combination of location, surrounding scenery and ambience.

Wining & Dining
As people’s tastes differ we leave the choice of where to eat to you. However, sometimes meals are provided. This is usually on train and cruise journeys that include meals as part of their service, or when we feel a special meal adds to the cultural experience of your holiday. We’ve indicated any included meals in the day-by-day itinerary of each tour.

B = continental breakfast
L = lunch
T = afternoon tea
D = dinner

Meals included for any particular day are shown within the itinerary and are specific to the arrangements provided for that day and not to the venue/location for the meal.