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Dense jungles, pre-Colombian ruins, vibrant cities and towering volcanic calderas – South America is a place of mystery and romance. Thomas Cook Tours offers a variety of South America holidays, allowing you to visit the continent’s most important cultural, archaeological and scenic destinations in comfort and safety on a fully escorted tour.

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A grand tour of South America is a good way to sample what the continent has to offer. Travelling through Chile, Argentina and Brazil will expose you to the surprising diversity of cultures and terrains within these three countries. You can travel into the Andes, marvel at the Iguazu Falls and venture into the southern-most reaches of the continent – the haunting wastelands of Patagonia.

Further north lies Ecuador, an Andean nation dotted with volcanic peaks and quaint mountain towns, which is renowned for its intricate local crafts and idyllic scenic vistas. Ecuador is also the custodian of the Galapagos Islands, with their distinctive collection of unique wildlife, which can be visited on a relaxing cruise.

For centuries the empire of the Incas held sway over large regions of South America. Today all that is left of this once proud civilsation is a series of enigmatic ruins and monuments stretching from the populous city of Cusco to the misty peaks of Machu Picchu in Peru. Peru is also the location of the Nazca lines, a series of enormous glyphs marked into the changeless sands of the Nazca Desert.

Why visit South America

South America has it all – from ancient ruins, spectacular landscapes and scenery to glamorous cities where you can experience the flair and warmth of Latin American culture.

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