New Zealand Holidays

The indigenous Maori people call New Zealand “Aotearoa” – the land of the long white cloud. This destination is renowned for its grandiose splendour. Snow-capped volcanic peaks stand sentinel over the emerald pastures of the North Island, while majestic mountain ranges slice through the unspoiled wilderness of the South Island.

With its New Zealand holidays, Thomas Cook Tours offers travelers the opportunity to sample the highlights of this South Pacific nation.


New Zealand holidays offer travellers the opportunity to explore a nation that’s like two countries in one.

The North Island is carpeted in pastures and is the location of the country’s largest and most urban cities. Highlights of tours to this region include the welcoming cities of Auckland and Wellington, the black sand beaches of the Pacific and expeditions to the volcanic cones and thermal springs that dot the landscape.

By contrast, the South Island is sparsely inhabited, and features large tracts of unspoiled, mountainous wilderness. Many of New Zealand’s most celebrated striking destinations are to be found on the South Island, including the pristine glacier region and its crystal-clear mountain lakes.

Why visit New Zealand

There are many reasons to consider Thomas Cook Tours New Zealand holidays. The country offers the perfect blend of rugged wilderness and luxurious amenities found in the developed world. New Zealand also boasts a mild climate that makes it a suitable destination for year-round travel.

Thomas Cook Tours’ New Zealand holidays are designed for travellers wishing to explore both the North and South Islands and a substantial section of the country’s most spectacular natural and cultural highlights.

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