Holidays to Morocco

The North African country of Morocco is a land of spectacular contrasts, ranging from the azure waters of the Mediterranean to the soaring peaks of the Atlas Mountains.

This is the perfect destination for travellers wanting to immerse themselves in the sights, sounds and culture of North Africa. In Morocco, you can browse bustling bazaars, explore desert oases and visit the country’s most sacred monuments and temples.

Thomas Cook Tours offers escorted holidays to Morocco, providing travellers with a hassle-free way to visit this North African gem.


To explore Morocco’s distinctive culture and explore its famous bazaars and Kasbahs you’ll need to head to its major cities. Start exploring the culture of Morocco in the port city of Casablanca. Over the centuries various empires vied for control of Casablanca, leaving behind a fascinating cauldron of culture and history, including crumbling Arabic fortresses and sacred tombs.

Follow the road from Casablanca to the imperial city of Fez – the world’s largest car free urban area. The absence of cars imparts a timeless feel to this city, which is the home of the world’s oldest active Arabian university. Further inland lies the city of Marrakesh, where travellers can walk the streets of the old town, browse bazaars, and visit important sacred sites including the Koutoubia Mosque and the world headquarters of the Bahia faith.

Morocco’s austere landscapes are also worth exploring. The Southern region of the country encompasses the sands of the Western Sahara, where visitors to the country can experience the silence and beauty of the desert, and visit the oases that dot the arid landscape. The central interior of Morocco is straddled by the Atlas Mountains – a series of snow-capped peaks and box canyons separating the west of Morocco from the harsh Saharan climate.

Why visit Morocco

Morocco offers a truly distinctive fusion of North African and Arabic culture, as well as varied and beautiful landscapes. The country’s mild Mediterranean climate makes it a suitable destination for travel year-round.

Thomas Cook Tours’ holidays to Morocco enable visitors to experience the country’s most significant cultural and natural attractions.

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