Holidays to Kenya

Located on the east coast of Africa, the nation of Kenya is renowned for its lush tropical coastline, game reserves, fertile highlands and stable social and economic order. The country is a Mecca for travellers who want to experience unspoilt African vistas. Thomas Cook Tours offers a number of holidays to Kenya. The focus of our excursions to Kenya is on the country's superb national parks, where you can view an amazing variety of wildlife and the country's most spectacular scenery.


Kenya is home to Africa’s second largest mountain, the 5,199m Mount Kenya – the landmark that provided this nation with its name. Some of the only glaciers on the African continent can be found among the mountain’s towering peaks, and it is an important source of water for farmers on the highlands.

The highlands of Kenya are bisected by the Great Rift Valley, which is where you’ll find some of the country’s most important national parks. The Samburu National Reserve is best known for its rare game species, while the Lake Nakuru National Park is the site of the breathtaking Thompson Falls.

While travelling in the national parks of Kenya, you won’t want to miss out on an escorted safari. Game drives take place in the mornings and evenings, when game-spotting conditions are optimal. You’ll have several opportunities to glimpse Africa’s legendary “big five”, as well as a profusion of other fascinating wildlife species.

Why visit Kenya

Kenya’s location near the equator has blessed it with a mild climate, which makes it a suitable destination for year-round travel. The country is also Europe’s closest premium safari destination, and is among the most economically and socially stable nations in East Africa.

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