Egypt Holidays

Allow the ancient land of Egypt to transport you back in time as you explore the bustling bazaars and fascinating museums of Cairo, cruise the papyrus-lined waterways of the Nile and marvel at the magnificent temples and pyramids left behind by the Pharaohs. Thomas Cook Tours offers a selection of Egypt holidays that will take you to the country’s most significant cultural and historical sites in comfort and safety.


There’s no question that a cruise of the Nile, which served as the foundation of ancient Egyptian civilization, is the best and most comfortable way to explore the treasures of Egypt. Many of the country’s most important temples and tombs are located along the banks of the great river – including the Valley of Kings and Queens and the temples of Karnak and Luxor.

Also visit Lake Nasser, where you can cruise on the lake, as well as visiting the fascinating Temple of King Ramses II and the Temple of Queen Neferati.

Naturally you won’t want to miss the Pyramids of Giza and the eternal Sphinx, which are located just outside the bustling city of Cairo – an ideal starting point for any tour of Egypt.

Why visit Egypt

A tour of Egypt is the experience of a lifetime. The country’s arid climate has preserved temples, tombs and monuments dating back to the dawn of civilization. Being able to explore these archaeological treasures while enjoying the experience of cruising the Nile adds to the magic of journeying through this timeless realm.

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